Virtual tour

Take a look at these virtual tours of Kingswood's entrance, and the sports facilities at City Lords.

From Kingswood's imposing entrance gates, we move right past the Chapel, the Junior School, and then the view over Grahamstown.  Park Road comes next, with the Van Vuuren Village for junior boys on the corner, before we get back to the gates with the beautiful turrets and towers of School House in the background.

The sports facilities tour starts off with the Kingswood Astroturf, and moves around to the Squash courts with the Waterpolo pool in the background, and the tennis courts that form the north side of Knight Field.  We see the Wyvern Club - a premier function venue in Grahamstown, and the meeting place of Kingswood friends and families.  We see the City Lords rugby field, with the Graham Beck Pavilion in the background.

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