Master-in-charge of rugby : Mr Pieter Serfontein


NB: All rugby and hockey players will be required to wear boots that are predominantly BLACK during matches

Only black/grey/red head gear for rugby players will be permitted – the same is encouraged with regards to gum guards. ‘Tights’ (tight fitting shorts worn as an under garment) and shoulder pads are expected to be BLACK in colour (shoulder pads should not be visible under a Kingswood rugby jersey – ie. they should be short sleeved)

RUGBY PLAYERS – It is COMPULSORY for ALL rugby players to wear mouth guards when playing contact matches in practice or fixtures against other schools.

RUGBY JERSEYS : Please note that in 2014 the school will be adopting a new rugby jersey which conforms to the right “Kingswood red”. While the current jerseys will be standard uniform for matches in 2013, they will only allowed as practice jerseys in 2014.

Click here for more from the Head of Sport on concussion prevention and management

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