International exchanges


In our efforts to grow our global reach, Kingswood pupils have the opporutnity of participating in a number of overseas exchange programmes with partner schools.

In the Junior School, a long-standing exchange programme with Kingswood School in Bath (pictured above), UK happens every year.  Four of our pupils travel to the UK to spend about five weeks at Kingswood School, and we in turn host four pupils from the UK every year - usually at the start of our winter term.  Read more about this exchange programme here.

Each year, a number of Kingswood music pupils travel to schools in Germany and, in return, six pupils from Germany spend time with us in Grahamstown. The schools involved in this cultural exchange are Friedrich-Abel Gymnasium in Stuttgart (pictured above, and Helmholtz-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe (pictured below).

Glenalmond College (pictured below), a highly regarded Scottish independent school also participates in an exchange with Kingswood College. This is a Grade 10 exchange.

Provision has been made for three Grade 10 Kingswood pupils to travel to Scotland at the beginning of the Spring Term (September).

The school continues to be engaged with Truro School in England for exchanges, as well as  - King William's College (Isle of Man) and Framlingham College (UK).

Parents interested in their children participating in these exchanges are requested to contact Mr Greg Pienaar before the end of February.

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