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It is important for Kingswood parents to be familiar with the content of critical disciplinary documents which relate to the management of disciplinary matters.   Our concern is that parents, although alerted to these documents in the enrolment process, may have little knowledge of their existence and the importance of the role they play in assisting us to manage the school.   We would, therefore, like to draw your attention to their contents and the fact that they are all posted on the Kingswood College website. 

While disciplinary situations at Kingswood remain such that we are only faced with isolated instances of poor behaviour, parents need to be aware that it is these three policies which govern the way in which we approach disciplinary infractions. In managing these issues, we need to adopt a co-operative and co-ordinated approach that embraces the whole school community (pupils, staff and parents). This partnership is key to our educating children and ensuring that they appreciate the risks associated with breaches of our disciplinary codes. The school does and continues to act in a pro-active manner in educating pupils around appropriate behaviours. Equally, we would like to work with parents in reinforcing our view on good discipline.

In recent discussions with Senior Management and Housepersons, there was a strong feeling that the school community should be more familiar with the content of our disciplinary documentation. Carefully read the documents highlighted below. Your children will be guided through the Code of Conduct early in the new year at school so that they are familiar with our disciplinary expectations.  

Please note that parents and pupils will need to sign the consent forms acknowledging the fact that they have read the policies listed below :

Kingswood Substance Abuse Policy

Kingswood Seach and Seizure Policy

Consent forms for parents to sign

Consent forms for pupils to sign 

Consent forms should be returned to Mrs Wilna Pittaway  

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