The Kingswood Sanatorium is situated at the centre of the campus and is the home of Sister Eva Junkin who lives on the premises.  Pupils are able to go to the San if they are feeling ill, have been injured on the sports fields or to receive medication and/or see the School doctor, Dr Fred Oosthuizen. 




Dr Oosthuizen visits the San every week day morning from 7.30 am to see pupils who are not well, and who need medical attention.  Sister Junkin and her colleage, Sister Ellen Starke will then send for the medications prescribed, arrange any referral appointments, and admit the pupil to the San if necessary.  Obviously, parents will be informed if there are any serious ailments that need to be treated. 




Sister Junkin will also dispense any chronic medications that pupils may be taking, and monitor compliance of pupils.  Medication is stored at the San for safekeeping.  This is done during the early morning surgery time.

While the San is there for sick pupils, it is also there for the scrapes and and bruises of pupls who fall in the playground, or who need a caring voice when they're far from home!

Parents can be sure that pupils will be well cared for by Sister Eva and Sister Ellen, under the guidance of Dr Fred!  Parents are welcome to discuss any medical concerns they have for their children with the San staff.

While the San is obviously open 24/7, the following routine is followed during the week :

Sanatorium Times 

7am-7.30am : Surgery

7.30am-8.15am: Doctor

1-7pm : Surgery (Sister Junkin or Sister Starke will be available)
7pm onwards:  Emergencies only (all headaches/minor ailments will be dealt with by house persons from 7pm to 7am)

Pupils are able to visit the San for minor ailments after every meal time.


Tel: 046 603 6616  All hours cell 072 514 7374

Email :;


Below - a Kingswood pupil in one of the wards in the Sanatorium




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