KC Centenary Trust


Established in 1994 to celebrate Kingswood's Centenary, and with the purpose of  gathering a capital fund for use by Kingswood for the future, the Kingswood College Centenary Trust has been the custodian of all funds raised for Kingswood since that time. With time, and wise investments, the Trust fund has grown to a sizable war chest which is used to assist the College annually, as well as funding special capital projects like the construction of the new girls' hostel, Kirkby House in 2004, and more recently, the Astroturf and Swimming Pool development.  Ever-vigilant of the capital amount, the Trust often makes finance available as interest free or low interest loans, relying on donations and fundraising for special projects to replenish the capital.

One thing is clear - any money donated to Kingswood College is well looked after, and wisely spent, with the prudent counsel of the trustees, and the outstanding professional services ofMellville Douglas as the Centenary Trust's investment advisors.



Trustees of the Centenary Trust are :

Mr Alistair Collier (Chairman)
Mr Tom Ansley
Mr Ross Randall
Mr Tim Judge
Mr Anton Vorster 
Mr Alistair Collier
Mr Mark Sard
Mr Bryn Lewis

(August 2011)

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