Campus Facelift

Facelift for dining hall and other areas on the Kingswood campus!

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The servery in the dining hall has had the most major facelift.  It has been completely refitted - also with granite tops, and with new light fittings, paint and glasswork in the (previously amber glassed) front windows - the area takes on a whole new look!  Light, bright and modern, the Kingswood boarders will feel as if they have a whole new diningroom!  The dining hall itself has had the floor sanded, and all the tables have been sanded and revarnished, giving the hall a fresh new look.  

Photo below: School House has been the site of much banging and drilling, as the bathrooms in Gane and Chubb have been given a facelift with smart new granite counter tops and new fittings.  Also, the windows of the first floor dorms have been replaced with aluminium frames, and the old wooden windows that have been so ill-fitting and problematic are a thing of the past!  The aluminium windows have been custom made, and one hardly notices the difference aesthetically, but the boys in Gane and Chubb will be grateful for the stronger windows on windy days and in winter weather!  Jacques House has also had all its windows replaced with the new aluminium frames.

The new Cohen Building

Kingswood's new academic block, the Cohen Building was officially opened during Parents' Week in October 2013. (Click here for more details)

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