Kingswood College Scholarships



Kingswood offers scholarships to pupils of exceptional ability/talent in academics, music and sport who wish to enter the College in Grade 8 or 10 the following year. Please watch the press early February of every year for more information.

Academic Scholarships - Pupils with strong academic ability are invited to write our scholarship exam with an emphasis on language, maths and general knowledge.

Sports Scholarships - Kingswood has a rich sporting tradition and world-class facilities. Talented sportsmen and women, preferably all-rounders, are invited to apply for sports scholarships. 

Music Scholarship -  Our Music School is home to the Kingswood College Concert Band and a number of other ensembles. Music is offered as a subject choice in Senior School from Grade 8 to Matric. Applicants must be at a Grade 4 Music level or higher and will be invited to an interview and audition. Candidates will be required to play pieces, scales and sight reading.



The following documents will be required when applying:

  • A completed Kingswood Application form (available on this link)
  • A copy of your Birth Certificate
  • Copies of your last two school reports
  • A letter motivating why you would like to attend Kingswood College
  • Documentary evidence and proof of sporting abilities (for the Sports Scholarship)
  • A brief CV outlining involvement at school and/or external participation in festivals or competitions, and copies of relevant certificates (for Music Scholarship)
  • Any additional information about activities and achievements outside the classroom.
These scholarships will constitute a partial contribution towards school fees.

Scholarships are awarded for the student’s full career at Kingswood College, on the understanding that the successful applicant will make every effort to maintain the high standard of which they are considered capable; will uphold the College's Code of Conduct; and will not behave in such a manner as to bring the school into any disrepute.


Please click here for the 2017 Scholarship Recipients


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