Concussion testing

Concussion testing and management

From the Sports Director :

Dear parents

With the 2015 winter sports season fast approaching at Kingswood, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the school’s policy on the management of concussion, as well as general safety of our pupils during this period – particularly with regards to those playing rugby.

On an annual basis we are faced with situations where boys in particular are concussed during rugbymatches – this normally compromises their ability to participate further in rugby/sport for a few weeks thereafter and often for extended periods. In addition to this, there have been instances where academic performance has also been affected negatively.

For the above mentioned reasons, we have made it compulsory at Kingswood for all boys who play rugby to wear gum-guards but the expectation is also that every rugby player aged 12 to 19 years old undergoes the base-line concussion testing as soon as possible. Please see attachments. This testing serves as a reference point that may be used should a child be concussed to assess the severity of the concussion.

Boys and girls playing hockey in particular, are encouraged to follow suit.

Please note that this is not an attempt to be prescriptive or to place further financial strain on you – but rather an attempt to make sure that we take every precaution possible to ensure the safety and well being of all children representing Kingswood on the field of play at all times.

Kind regards

Pieter Serfontein
Director of Sport

Click here to download the ImPACT price list for baseline and consussion follow-up

Click here to download information and an acceptance form for your child to have Concussion Management

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