The House System – the Kingswood boarding experience

Pastoral care plays a critical role in the academic, social, spiritual and emotional growth of young people.  Kingswood offers a unique environment in which pupils grow in a safe, caring and compassionate community.  The focus of this is centred in the House system.  The Senior School is divided into six residential Houses.  These are :

House name    Houseperson
Chubb House
   Rory Jones  
Gane House     Tyrone Scholtz

Jagger House   Jonathan Leiper     
Wood House    Zweli  Mbenyana                                                               

Jacques House   Mrs Di Price
Kirkby House     Therese Carlson
5 Ayliff St.         Catherine Euijen

Day girls also have their own common room and work space, and a houseperson – Mrs Liza-Mari Mclean


Boarders Daily Routine

Call Box Phone Numbers

Chubb House +27 46 622 9065
Jacques House +24 46 622 2202 / +27 46 622 2333 /+27 46 636 1327
Jagger House +27 46 622 9060
Kirkby House +27 46 622 2967 / +27 46 622 2313
Wood House +27 46 622 9063



Assistant Houseperson


Student Assistant


Rory Jones

Allayne Guest

Shirley Shaw

Jurgen Kurz
Ryan Howden 


Tyrone Scholtz

 Cameron Braans

Shirley Shaw

Ethan Berndt
Cody van Wyk 


 Jonathan Leiper

 Stegmann van Zyl

 Cynthia Butterworth

Mziyanda Mangi
Troy Rist 


Di Price

Sindi Beyi

Christine Redelinghuys

Mieke Grobler
Monica Ives
Keagane Moodie
Margo Staffen 


5 Ayliff Steet

Therese Carlson

Catherine Euijen

 Shannon Herd-Hoare

Noma Bill

Christine Redelinghuys

Shay Brown
Chelsea Knott
Shelley Oosthuizen 


Zweli Mbenyana

Gareth Shaw

Ellen Starke

Jonathan Carrington
Greg Keyter

With approximately 50 pupils per House, the Houses are managed by a resident Housepeson supported by Assistant Housepersons and Student Assistants.  The resident staff are responsible for ensuring that the pupils under their care are supported, counselled and guided in coping with the demands of adolescent life.  The Housepersons play a pivotal role in nurturing the young people in their care as well as providing that initial bridge between home and school.  In keeping with the school's vision and mission, any form of initiation or bullying is prohibited in the Houses.  Instead, a mentoring programme offers junior pupils the opportunity to be guided and mentored by senior pupils. The ethos of the Houses is one of mutual respect and service leadership in a family-like environment.  

The House structure, in which boys and girls are accommodated separately but meet for meals, for social and shared activities and for work, allows the development of natural, happy relationships while providing privacy.  Houses become a second home, where the children are able to spend leisure time, watch TV and do their prep; it becomes a familiar base from which pupils can  explore with confidence the larger world of school.

The House unit serves other purposes: Kingswood pupils represent varied backgrounds and have different talents, views and abilities. Friendships and shared activities bridge these differences and each pupil learns to appreciate and respect the views and talents of others.

Why choose boarding for your child?

Research show that parents want four things for their children from school :


They want happy children

They want an environment where their children are busy and stimulated, where they are not threatened and where there is an emphasis on building relationships.



They want them to become independent

This means that they need to be able to think for themselves, to make informed decisions, to stand on their own two feet, to feel comfortable in their “own skins”.








They want their children to be accepted by others

Here there is an accent on self-discipline, acceptance of responsibility and respect for the views and property of others.



They want their children to be safe

The school must guard against undesirable influences and act quickly to stamp out anti-social behaviour.




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