News » Chapel Stewards announced for 2017

27th October 2016

On Monday 17 October the outgoing Chapel Stewards were thanked for their ministry over the past year and the new Stewards were inducted. Four Senior Chapel Stewards continue and seven new Senior Chapel Stewards (pictured below) were appointed:


  • Bianca Walker (Head of the Chapel)
  • Yonela Mnqandi (Deputy Head of the Chapel)
  • Alysha Sesia (Spirituality Convener & Communion Steward)
  • Tina Madasa
  • Lavela Booi
  • Danielle Griesel
  • Sango Bidla
  • Liyema Ngcete 
  • Chichi Chona
  • Etienne Marais
  • James Kelly



There were also eight new Junior Chapel Stewards (pictured above) appointed for 2016-2017. They are

  • Megan Schmidt
  • Mulenga Mutale
  • Kallum Trytsman
  • Luke Kelly
  • Morgan Lisher
  • Henry Connan
  • Emke Klopper
  • Jessica Gleaves

The new Stewards made vows to continue to be a good witness to Christ in their lives and to fulfil their responsibilities cheerfully and faithfully. As a symbolic gesture of servant leadership, three Junior and three Senior Stewards washed the feet of six pupils while the outgoing Head of the Chapel, Stuart Thomas, read how Jesus washed His disciples’ feet (John 13).

We congratulate the new Chapel Stewards and wish them well for the year ahead!



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