The Old Kingswoodian Club, with a membership of 4500, was formed on 14 March 1902. In recent years the OK Club has become a global community with branches throughout the world. Membership of the Old Kingswoodian Club consists of –

• Past pupils who have spent a minimum of 2 years at Kingswood. Pupils who attended Kingswood but matriculated at another school may apply to join the OK Club only once they have completed their schooling. Membership of the OK Club is voluntary and membership fees are paid up front as a once-off life membership.

• Staff members who have served the school for a period of five years or longer may apply to join the OK Club if they so wish. No membership fees are payable.

• Individuals who have served and supported the school with distinction and who are not Old Kingswoodians may be proposed and then accepted as Honorary Old Kingswoodians. No membership fees are payable.

The object of the Old Kingswoodian Club is:

• To maintain and strengthen the bond of good fellowship and common services among all Kingswoodians, past and present.

• To foster the interests of Kingswood College, to establish endowments and scholarships for the College and to donate prizes or other awards as the Club may deem fit.

• To provide practical support to the College in areas of enrolment and fund-raising.

Members are kept in touch with each other and with Kingswood College through regular meetings, reunions and newsletters. Over the years the Club and its members have made meaningful contributions to the facilities and finances of the College.

The Old Kingswoodian Club is served by a National Executive Committee, chaired by the President of the Club, as well as Branch Executive Committees in various parts of the world.

The President of the Old Kingswoodian Club is the Official Trustee of the school and serves on the Kingswood College Coucil in this capacity. Six Old Kingswoodian Club branches elect a member to serve as regional representatives on the College Council.

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